Briew Technologies Co.,Ltd, established in 

2003, is your full service global supply chain partner. 

Our headquarters are located in Hong Kong, 

with otherestablished branch offices in Shenzhen.

We employ around 25 peoples incorporated by HongKong and Shenzhen.

Briew Co.,Ltd have over 15 years of business experience,We can provide one-stop services, our products are widely used in Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Communications, Personal electronics, Healthcare, Industrial Automation, Instrumentation & Measurement, Security & Surveillance, Internet of Things(loT), RF Solution, Precision Sensor Interfaces, Lighting Solutions, and so on;We eagerly to listen and know customers' challenges and expectations, and then tailor our plans to ensure seamless connection and perfect execution. Shortage parts,EOL parts,Substitute parts and prepare parts,All of these services are designed to protect your product life cycle and reduce your total purchasing costs.Our products include IC, Capacitor, Resistor, Inductor, Connector, Crystal Oscillator, LED, Wwitch,other Precision components and so on.

Core Values: L.E.A.D.


We believe in doing what is right. Treating colleagues, customers, and partners with respect – and inspiring trust by aligning our words, behaviors, and actions to achieve a standard of organizational and individual excellence.


We hold initiative, creativity, and personal responsibility in the highest regard. And we leverage our resources to solve our partners’ unique and demanding challenges.


We thrive by listening to, and learning from, our business partners and rely on meaningful collaboration to achieve success internally and externally. We approach each and every challenge as an opportunity to deliver exceptional value for our customers.


We value dedication, innovation, and relentless determination to our team and our mission while fostering a family spirit of connectedness which fuels us to be our best.

We constantly optimize our procurement process, Our quality control system and supplier optimization to ensure that every delivery is of the highest quality.

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