Custom and Integrated Solutions

As a leading global independent distributor of electronic components and inventory solutions, Briew supports manufacturers and distributors around the world with their most critical supply chain challenges while providing the highest level of quality and delivering the lowest total cost of procurement – including shortage, obsolete, cost-savings, excess & obsolete material disposition, tailored inventory programs, and value-added services.

Shortage >> Obsolete >> Hard-to-Find
Shortage >> Obsolete >> Hard-to-Find

hrough access to our in-stock inventory in 3 global distribution centers, our worldwide network of qualified suppliers, and the speed and global reach of our proprietary sourcing software, Briew Market Search (VMS), we fulfill our customer's most challenging component requirements. VMS offers Briew a distinct competitive advantage in its ability to provide unsurpassed speed in sourcing available material from around the world.  Our strategically positioned global sourcing teams work around the clock to locate the parts you need, when you need them, whether lead time is outside of your demand, product allocation, or there just seems to be no material in the market.

Within seconds of entering a part number (or multiple part numbers), Briew receives global availability, contact information, and vendor rating for each supplier. Our VMS software results also display current and historic pricing data, current and obsolete manufacturer cross-references, and data sheets providing our sourcing experts a measurable advantage when sourcing and negotiating to meet your price point expectations. Each VMS search returns material availabilities from Briew Stock (including exclusively consigned partner material) franchise distributors, private stock offers that are proprietary to Briew and the complete availabilities from all global independent distributors. All suppliers are rated according to product conformance, timeliness, and historic volume.

Briew Advantages:

Access to hundreds of millions of dollars of material through direct component manufacturer and OEM/CEM reseller relationships

Over one billion dollars of additional material available through Briew's global network of screened/qualified suppliers

As an independent distributor, Briew is able to source material from every manufacturing line, including obsolete and end-of-life products

Immediate access to global supply and pricing information of both private and public availabilities through Briew's proprietary VMS sourcing software

Reduced line-down probability on shortages and inventory re-balancing 

Available part crossing software tied to our customers' AVLs

Extensive in-stock inventory, inspected in original factory packaging, ready for same-day shipping

Exceptional material quality – Briew has maintained one of the highest supplier quality ratings in the industry

Exceptional material quality – Briew has maintained one of the highest supplier quality ratings in the industr

Inventory Programs >> Supply Chain Solutions >> Inspection Services
Inventory Programs >> Supply Chain Solutions >> Inspection Services

We keenly listen and understand our customer's challenges and expectations then tailor our programs to ensure seamless alignment and flawless execution – all with the goal of reducing your total cost of procurement.  Briew provides integrated and custom solutions for third party procurement management, inspections, warehousing, and logistics that are designed to reduce procurement and administrative costs, increase inventory turns, improve cash-to-cash cycle times and eliminate the high costs associated with shortage and excess disruptions in the supply chain.

Briew's financial strength and commitment to flexibility allow us to offer turnkey LTB solutions to bridge gaps between component EOL and your product’s life-cycle:  including procurement, inspection, storage, management, distribution, and back-end E&O recovery.

Briew Managed Inventory (VMI)

Reduce your supply base while increasing efficiency and profitability by partnering with Briew to manage your challenging, obscure, or underperforming vendors.  Leverage our global distribution hubs, flexible schedules, and push/pull agility to boost your bottom line.  

Independent Inspection Services (IIS)

For ultimate peace of mind and supply chain security, scores of customers trust their component quality inspections to Briew Electronics. Our highly trained and experienced Quality Assurance inspectors utilize the latest test and inspection equipment to protect our customers from receipt of Counterfeited, Refurbished, Pulled, Remarked, Damaged and similar non-compliant components.

Cost Savings >> Spot Buys >> Continuous Supply
Cost Savings >> Spot Buys >> Continuous Supply

Briew proactively develops and exercises a vast network of qualified supply channels to deliver unit cost reduction (PPV) to our OEM, EMS, and distribution partners.  Our skilled commodity analysts and sourcing teams utilize Briew's proprietary Parts List Merger (PLM) tool and strategic supply partner relationships to quickly identify needle-moving cost improvement opportunities to items on your BOM.    

Limitless Scope

Without the brand restrictions and binding contractual agreements of traditional franchise distributors, Briew is not limited to a static line-card, commodity group, or subset of brands.  If a channel exists to improve your cost on any item, we will find it – and deliver.  

Spot Buy or Continuous Supply  

Whether a one-time spot opportunity or continuous/ongoing supply from our secure and stable supply partners, Briew is equipped to provide savings that will help you exceed your cost deflation metrics without interrupting your pre-existing supply chain.  

Data Confidence

We treat all of our partners’ information with the utmost confidence.

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Excess & Obsolete Material Solutions
Excess & Obsolete Material Solutions

Depending on each customer's unique situation, Briew offers comprehensive E&O capital recovery and material disposition services that aim to reduce or eliminate the high-costs and overall financial impact associated with managing excess material and inventory write-downs.  We continue to win excess management contracts from industry-leading OEM and EMS partners due to our recovery performance, integrity, service quality and mutual commitment to a long-term partnership.  

Option Guide

Briew's global reach through all major verticals and channels along with our sterling re-seller reputation boost the likelihood of maximum recovery.

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How do I choose?

Build your own solution

We approach our excess partners with specific objectives in mind:

Introduce flexible Excess and Obsolete material solutions that significantly reduce the time, costs and human resources associated with E&O material negotiation, management and mitigation

Significantly reduce existing and future material inventory levels (increasing inventory turns) and associated material carrying costs on excess and obsolete material while increasing both gross and net recovery rates on excess and obsolete material

Efficiently integrate our sophisticated secondary market services to meet or exceed operational and financial goals of our partners while reducing administrative costs to initiate and execute our programs

Capitalize on our global marketing network and manufacturing end-user relationships to aggressively market and resell your excess and obsolete material

Briew Advantages:

Accurate Fair Market Evaluations through Briew's proprietary VMS software

Direct Cash Purchases

Fixed Term Inventory Buy Back Programs

Flexible Partnered Remarketing and Revenue Sharing Programs

Innovative Authorized Purchase Price Program

Customer Reutilization Programs

Secure, Segregated Climate-Controlled and ESD Certified [ANSI/ESD S20.20] storage facilities

All material is pre-inspected, repackaged and relabeled (sanitized) and ready for same-day shipping

Meticulous inventory cataloguing provides accurate inventory breakdowns facilitating superior customer purchasing confidence

Global marketing strategies to reach nearly every possible potential customer

Value-Added Services +
Value-Added Services +

Briew offers a broad suite of optional value-added services that can significantly reduce your number of required service vendors as well as processing, management and logistics costs and associated lead times. Your entire organization will benefit from the increased focus, productivity and efficiency of these services, including:

Specialized Anti-Counterfeiting Inspections

RoHS Elemental Analysis & Verification Testing

'See-It-First' Advanced Shipment Notification and Order Verification

Custom Repackaging / Relabeling

Solderability Testing; Solder Dip / Tinning

Programming and Blanking

Lead Inspection and Repair

Lead Trimming and Forming

Bake & Dry Pack to JEDEC J-STD-033 Standard

Tape & Reeling; De-Reeling


Extended Storage (Climate-Controlled and ESD-Certified)

Shipment Consolidation

Customized Reporting

Recycling with certificate of destruction 

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